Bedfordshire and Luton

UpRising in Bedford & Luton!

UpRising came to Bedford in 2011 and has since expanded in to Luton so we can work with more young people across the area. 

We currently run the following programmes in Bedford and Luton;


UpRising Leadership Programme 


The UpRising Leadership Programme applications have now closed!

The UpRising core leadership programme is our flagship programme. It is a nine month programme, involving ‘access behind the scenes’ sessions with some of the UK’s most senior leaders.  The core programme offers participants a unique first-hand view of the way that political, business, public sector and community organisations work together to shape our communities. Each participant is individually matched with a coach and a mentor who supports them on a one to one basis throughout their time on the programme.

All participants work with other UpRisers to design and deliver a social action campaign on a local issue they are passionate about.  As well as forming networks with senior figures, participants also build strong networks amongst their peers on the programme.

Through this programme we equip young people with the knowledge, networks, skills and confidence to reach their leadership potential and take social action on issues they care about.

Most sessions and workshops take place in the evening so that the programme can be fitted around work, study and other commitments.

Call Ryan (Bedford & Luton Programme Project Manager) on 07467 148 173 -


"The programme has given me more confidence to take ownership of things, seeing an issue and doing something about it, even if it only seems like a drop in the ocean - we've all got to start somewhere. There have been countless amazing skills sessions to give traction to my ideas and goals, and talking to the many speakers has been inspirational - to see not only they're doing now, but also how they started off. Many of the skills are things I can practically take on - such as rapport building, working within a team, effective communication and building a campaign.

I feel like it has broken down some of the barriers I perceived around my power to change things and to build networks."  

Emilou Hayden, 2015-2016  


"Before I had joined the Leadership programme, I had done another UpRising programme called 'My Voice, My Vote' - it was such an interesting and thought provoking programme and one which I enjoyed thoroughly.  Over the past 9 months of the Leadership Programme there have been so many mind blowing sessions that I have learnt a lot from. There have been trips and retreats to different places , for example the Houses of Parliament. I have also had a mentor and a coach, both relationships were different and I was able to gain so much from both of them.  I think that the social action campaign is the most important part because that is when the leaders emerge. It's good attending different sessions and different places but when the Social Action Campaign begins that's when people can show what they have learned."

Unami Tenga, Luton LP 2015-16

Take a look at the social action campaign 'Project Seed' 

“It is organisations like Uprising that help young people see how they can make a difference to their communities, and learn the realities of campaigning and influencing.”

Bill Rammell, Vice Chancellor at The University of Bedfordshire


“It was really well organised and a genuine thrill to see the young people performing to such a high level. Everyone I spoke to was very impressive. You are all doing an extraordinary job in helping these young people develop their leadership skills."

Helen Nellis, The Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire


National organisations we work with in Bedfordshire and Luton: 

- Virgin Money 


- BodyTalk UK 

Local organisations we work with: 

- Bedfordshire Police 

- Charles Wells Brewery 

- London-Luton Airport





Bedfordshire and Luton

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