UpRising in Birmingham!

We have been running programmes in Birmingham since 2010. 

We currently run the following programmes in Birmingham; 


UpRising Leadership Programme 

The UpRising Leadership Programme applications have now closed! 

The UpRising core leadership programme is our flagship programme. It is a nine month programme, involving ‘access behind the scenes’ sessions with some of the UK’s most senior leaders.  The core programme offers participants a unique first-hand view of the way that political, business, public sector and community organisations work together to shape our communities. Each participant is individually matched with a coach and a mentor who supports them on a one to one basis throughout their time on the programme.

All participants work with other UpRisers to design and deliver a social action campaign on a local issue they are passionate about.  As well as forming networks with senior figures, participants also build strong networks amongst their peers on the programme.

Through this programme we equip young people with the knowledge, networks, skills and confidence to reach their leadership potential and take social action on issues they care about.

Most sessions and workshops take place in the evening so that the programme can be fitted around work, study and other commitments.

Do you want to speak to someone in Birmingham about the Leadership Programme?

Call Mikayla (Birmingham Project Manager) on 0121 233 0252 | 07467 955145 or email us at

"UpRising has helped me understand my own potential. The amazing cohort we have had this year has inspired me in so many ways. I love that every session you get to speak to someone new and learn something different from them. The leaders we got to hear from showed us that change is possible and that belief is very important in yourself and larger causes. The social action campaign has made me learn that group work will always be challenging but opened my eyes to ways to conquer some communication issues and that team reliance is important to achieve your goal."

Lydia Richmond

"UpRising has given me true purpose and fulfilment in what I will now pursue in my entrepreneurial journey. What UpRising has also taught me is that if you see yourself as a leader, then the responsibility of change relies on you."

Romello Martin

"It was a pleasure to be part of UpRising and to spend time with such an interesting and engaging group of young people. I am sure that we would be more than happy to support UpRising again in the future."

Stephen Fitzgerald, Business in the Community

Take a look at this social action campaign - Own It

National organisations we work with in Birmingham: 



- Growling WLG 

Local organisations we work with: 

- Birmingham City Council

- Aston Villa FC

- BBC West Midlands


Schools Programme

UpRising Schools Programme is managed out of Birmingham, originating from our highly successful Pass It On programme. We work with schools, colleges and youth groups to deliver a range of interactive workshops. The programme takes many forms but is designed to provide students with practical transferable skills and develop confidence and resilience. Whether it is a 2-hour workshop a full day or a regular spot on the timetable, every workshop is bespoke and adapted to meet the needs of each group. Our costs are also adjusted to fit each group and session.

Do you want to speak to someone in Birmingham about the Schools Programme?

Call Louise (Schools Project Manager) on 0121 233 0252 or email us at



Fastlaners is for 18-25 year olds who might have some sort of work experience, perhaps a qualification or a degree, but who are struggling to find a meaningful job that will kick start their career.

Fastlaners is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, networks, skills, and confidence to improve their job prospects and find meaningful employment. Over the course of the programme, participants meet professionals from a range of industries, receive mentoring support, participate in CV clinics and mock interviews, network with recruitment professionals, and develop the confidence to secure fulfilling employment.

We are proud to be a recipient of a Queen’s Young Leaders grant to deliver Fastlaners to 600 young people from 2016-2019.

Do you want to speak to someone in Birmingham about the Schools Programme?

Call Louise (Fastlaners Project Manager) on 0121 233 0252 or email us at



NCS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for sixteen and seventeen year olds to develop their confidence, learn new skills, make new friends and learn more about making a difference in their community. The programme takes place during the school holidays in the autumn, spring and summer.

Do you want to speak to someone in Birmingham about the NCS Programme?

Call Craig (NCS Project Manager) on 0121 233 0252 / 07467 148164 



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