Salesforce features UpRising as a best practice example

Salesforce features UpRising as a best practice example

November 17, 2016

See below the article Salesforce featured, showcasing our success at managing programmes through the system. 


We were delighted to attend the Salesforce conference last week where we has a speaking slot to present to others the ways in which we have been utilising Salesforce. As a relatively small charity it is of course essential that we work in the most efficient ways in order to make the most of time and resources.

When we embarked on bringing in Salesforce as our CRM system we truly wanted to make the most of it. That is why we decided to not only use it for storing our contacts, but also to process our finance and HR procedures and also to support us in the running of our multiple programmes up and down the UK. It was because of this diversity in the way that we are using the system that Salesforce specifically reached out to us and asked us to present our knowledge and learning so other organisations just like us can also get the most out of the system.

Our Director of Operations and Programme Karl has been the leader behind setting up our system. We also working with Salesforce Imapct Partner Ecomonic Change to draw of their expertise and support. Karl says;

“We have embedded Salesforce into our national and local programme management, creating a rigorous management system that allows us to track our key performance indicators and monitor the progression of our programmes across the year,” said Karl Hankinson, Director of Programmes and Operations, UpRising.

“From the very first contact, a young person’s journey with us is tracked and stored, from their initial expression of interest through their engagement on the programme; from the opportunities they take part in as an alumnus to their future contribution back into the programmes as a speaker, mentor or volunteer.

“This allows us to report accurate data on key outputs and outcomes such as volunteer hours, alumni contribution, number of speakers, improvements in skills and advancement into leadership positions.”

Read the news story Salesforce featured on their website about our journey.