Spirit of 2012 award UpRising with grant to develop online mentoring platform

Spirit of 2012 award UpRising with grant to develop online mentoring platform

November 18, 2016

We are pleased to announce that Spirit of 2012 have generously awarded us with a grant to develop our online mentoring platform

Spirit of 2012 have just announced that they will very generously be supporting UpRising with a grant of £50,000 to develop and launch a pilot of our brand new project – One Million Mentors.

The One Million Mentors project aims to build a national online platform to recruit, train and deploy mentors to organisations working with young people. There is both a need and support for an online platform, alongside face-to-face training which raises the quality of mentoring, tracks impact, and sclaes the mentoring offer to help young people maximise their talents and get in to the world of work. Our ambition is to build a movement of a million mentors over the next decade. We are very grateful to Spirit of 2012 for supporting us as we embark on this project.

Spirit of 2012 Chief Executive, Debbie Lye, said: “We’re pleased to be funding the development of a model which could revolutionise mentoring in the UK. 1MM will recruit a huge and diverse cohort of mentors, equipping them to support young people who lack the networks many take for granted to take the first steps in their career paths. It’s an inspirational idea, with the potential to be a national movement and we are proud to be part of it.”

Alveena Malik, Co-Founder and Director of One Million Mentors, added: “UpRising is delighted that Spirit 2012 is supporting our pioneering project. The focus of One Million Mentors is to invest in the mentor, so that we can scale the numbers of trained and effective mentors in the UK who can help young people maximise their talents, and get into the world of work.  

Read the full press release from Spirit of 2012 here