UpRising involved in Sky News Youth Vote 2017

UpRising involved in Sky News Youth Vote 2017

May 25, 2017

Monday 22nd May, UpRising staff member Ryan Gray and UpRising Liverpool Leadership programme participant AJ Ellwood, had the unique opportunity to guest edit Sky News coverage during their #Youth2017 day.

From deciding the issues that matter most to them and other young people that would be discussed and debated on live television, to creating content across social media to engage young people, both worked hard to make sure young people voices were heard throughout the day.

With Sky News attracting a large number of viewers young and older throughout the day, this was a great chance to make sure the views of young people are being listened to during the election campaign.

AJ, who is 20 years old and lives in Liverpool, said about the experience:

“It was a great opportunity, we were given the chance to represent ourselves in the mainstream media - something which many people are denied all too often. We got to help to shape the agenda, and we shared our own thoughts and values. Hopefully this will help to challenge any stereotypes or preconceived notions that people may hold about young people, what we care about and our ability to engage. Hopefully this will help people to ask the right questions about why some young people might not be engaging, because as important as it is politics is incredibly inaccessible and we desperately need to change that.

Being guest editor was a rewarding and valuable experience, and I hope that seeing young people in a position where what we have to say actually matters and holds weight will encourage others to seek out opportunities to make their own voices heard.”

UpRising staff member Ryan Gray also found being a guest editor for Sky News to be a unique opportunity.

“Television news can often seem unappealing to young people. Even with multiple channels covering affairs 24hours a day, the issues that young people care most about can often not be given the airtime that they deserve. What was great about guest editing Sky News was we got the opportunity to correct this, if only for a day, and put young people at the centre of the coverage“

“The day was also about showing that young people do care about a variety of issues, and are not apathetic. I hope that anyone who put on the news during the day would not only have seen this, but seen that young people care deeply about the same issues they do.”

Monday 22nd May was also the deadline to register to vote for the general election on Thursday 8th June. Both AJ and Ryan frequently encouraged young people to go out and register to vote.