UpRising in London!

London is where UpRising was born and we have our routes in the capital city. Our head office is based in East London and we run a number of programmes across London. 

Currently on offer in London are the following programmes; 


UpRising Leadership Programme 

The UpRising Leadership Programme have now closed for applications in London!

The UpRising core leadership programme is our flagship programme. It is a nine month programme, involving ‘access behind the scenes’ sessions with some of the UK’s most senior leaders.  The core programme offers participants a unique first-hand view of the way that political, business, public sector and community organisations work together to shape our communities. Each participant is individually matched with a coach and a mentor who supports them on a one to one basis throughout their time on the programme.

All participants work with other UpRisers to design and deliver a social action campaign on a local issue they are passionate about.  As well as forming networks with senior figures, participants also build strong networks amongst their peers on the programme.

Through this programme we equip young people with the knowledge, networks, skills and confidence to reach their leadership potential and take social action on issues they care about.

Most sessions and workshops take place in the evening so that the programme can be fitted around work, study and other commitments.

Call Rukaiya (Senior London Project Manager) on 0203 745 7963 / 07917 644433

"I would most definitely recommend UpRising. It is a highly tailored and practical programme which builds up knowledge across a variety of fields and complements this with skills, all whilst working alongside and passionate young people and staff. I think mentoring is exceptionally important as it offers guidance and reassurance in the sector you are interested in from someone who has actually been through it. For this reason it is much more useful as they can relate to you but also offer practical advice reflecting on their own experiences." 

Lucy Guliano UpRising Participant. 

"UpRising will surely have a long term effect on my future. In the short term, I would love to work towards making me and my team’s social action project, developed through UpRising, as successful as possible. UpRising has undoubtedly changed my outlook of the world as well as myself. I am now much more assured about my leadership abilities than I was 9 months ago. In the long term future, I would like to create my own social enterprise and make a difference within my community." 

Rafi Mannan UpRising Participant

Take a look at the social action campaign - EmpowerWIT

 ‘Another great year mentoring through Uprising. I've so enjoyed getting to know each new mentee - all so different, with exciting and unique paths ahead of them. It's a pleasure to be part of the Uprising family and meet so many inspiring people’.

Jaz Cummins, Senior Communications Director 

National and International organisations we work with in London: 

- Amnesty International

- Citi Bank

- Mayer Brown LLP

Local organisations we work with: 

- Hackney Pirates 

- Idea Store

- Tower Hamlets Council



Fastlaners is for 18-25 year olds who might have some sort of work experience, perhaps a qualification or a degree, but who are struggling to find a meaningful job that will kick start their career.

Fastlaners is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, networks, skills, and confidence to improve their job prospects and find meaningful employment. Over the course of the programme, participants meet professionals from a range of industries, receive mentoring support, participate in CV clinics and mock interviews, network with recruitment professionals, and develop the confidence to secure fulfilling employment.

We are proud to be a recipient of a Queen’s Young Leaders grant to deliver Fastlaners to 600 young people from 2016-2019.

Do you want to speak to someone in London about an Fastlaners programme or event?

Call Jillian (London Coorindator) on 0203 745 7963 / 079342 994082



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