Stand Out - Frequently Asked Questions

4 May 2021

What is Stand Out?

Stand Out is the programme to help you find a job if you are aged 18-25. It is a collection of carefully curated online sessions all available to rewatch and catch up with whenever you like. From social gatherings, to meeting with employers to resilience workshops, it has everything you need to help you find a job, all in one place plus your own professional mentor for 12 months and it is entirely free! 

How much time will it take up? What commitment is it?

Stand Out runs daily online and includes a month of knowledge, skills and networking followed by up to 12 months support from a trained mentor.

Can I just attend and not interact? I am a bit shy and like keeping my camera off.

The sessions are there for you to interact as much or as little as you like. Some people keep their cameras off and don’t say anything and lots of people enjoy seeing each other and directly interacting with speakers and other participants. We have worked hard to create a welcoming inclusive space so introvert or extrovert, you will find something for you!

There are loads of YouTube videos about creating a CV - can’t I just watch one of those?

You can, but we offer so much more! We help you craft the perfect CV and cover letter but we also match you to a professional (often in the type of job you want) who will go over it with you, give you practical advice and tips, all from the perspective of an employer. Plus we run sessions about finding work, building connections and interviewing all online. We help you stay resilient in your job search with sessions about confidence, personal branding and how to grow your network AND we match you with a professional mentor for 12 months. You can’t get all of this from YouTube! 

Will I meet anyone in person?

All sessions take place online, but you’ll get to be part of an amazing community! We know looking for work is hard, but it is so much easier to do it when you are surrounded by people who know what you are going through and championing you every step of the way. The Stand Out community is where you can learn industry insider knowledge, new skills, grow your network, build confidence and stay resilient and make friends for life! 

What else will I get?

  • Support to work out what job would you love and how to get there
  • Profession and constructive feedback on your CV and job applications
  • Learn how to network with real opportunities to meet employers
  • Find out more about entrepreneurship and self employment
  • Learn techniques and tools to keep you motivated and stay resilient 

I’m busy! What if I can’t come to things live? I am worried I won’t catch up

That’s ok - the programme has been designed to fit around your life so everything is available to catch up on whenever you like. There are some live sessions which would be good to attend in person for example the 1:2:1 mock interviews with employers but you will get plenty of notice about this and they are all optional. There will be someone to help you at every step of the process so you won’t miss out. 

How do I join?

It is so easy! Just fill in the expression of interest form and someone from the team will give you a call back.

When does it start?

There are two opportunities to join this year so you want to sign up to make sure you don’t miss out

  1. 26th July - 20th August (followed by 11 months of mentoring)
  2. 4th-29th October (followed by 11 months of mentoring)