Stephanie Green

Stephanie Green

Stephanie is the Liverpool Programme Coordinator as of January 2017.

Following the completion of an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work in Ontario, Canada, Stephanie was determined to gain work experience abroad in Australia and the United Kingdom to broaden her horizons and understand how different cultures and policies affect social change.

She began working with young people as an after school programme coordinator with the YMCA. Subsequently, she spent 3 incredible years in the HIV sector managing an Ontario County HIV prevention programme, providing support services to clients, managing HIV prevention projects for the state of Queensland, Australia, and generally enjoying the humorous situations that arise when talking about sexual health.

After taking some time to explore the east coast of Australia, hike up numerous mountains, and rediscover the natural wonders of her home town in Norther Ontario, Stephanie has found her way to UpRising by following her passion and pursuing a career that empowers young people to create sustainable change in their community.