Sinead Fenton

11 September 2020

"I applied for UpRising during quite a turbulent time both professionally, in terms of trying to redirect my passions into something that gave me a sense of purpose, and also personally, as I struggled with anxiety and was a point where I wanted and needed change, but did not have the tools to begin that journey of change. UpRising was a vital support network for me and provided me with the tools to be able to make changes in my life that have got me to a point I never believed I could be in.

UpRising taught me that in any experience, be it good or bad, find the good, find the lesson, find the meaning and harness that experience to your benefit, make it your opportunity; and I have done exactly that for the past year, I’ve made decisions and taken leaps of faith I never would have prior to being on the programme. Today, I now run my own regenerative organic farm, Aweside Farm in East Sussex and channel my love for the outdoors and the environment with wanting to grow regenerative and sustainable produce and help empower people through skills building, training and working with underrepesented group and working on dismantling access to land issues in the UK."