Tina Nalova

11 September 2020

At the age of 21, Tina left her home country of Cameroon and travelled for almost 20 hours to the UK for a Masters programme in International Journalism. This was made possible thanks to the Roscoe Full Tuition Waiver Scholarship she obtained via Liverpool John Moore’s University. Liverpool became her new home; different people, buildings and above all a totally different culture.

"During the first few weeks of my stay, I developed the urge to know, explore and fit in more. I wanted to be part of a gathering where I could develop more skills and meet like-minded people. Upon doing some research, I became part of the UpRising programme. UpRising contributed immensely towards my acquisition of several skills and in the creation of many memories. It helped bridge the gap between people I considered ‘elites’ in society and myself. Via UpRising, I revamped my networking skills and got to work with people I looked up to, which built up my CV. I am currently living in Toronto, Canada and work as a reporter for Apex 1 radio station located in the United States. In the fall, I plan on starting a postgraduate certificate in journalism to obtain specific skills needed for the Canadian job market. It is worth mentioning that I am the founder of a start-up media company called Lady T, which has the following servicesblogging, content creation, online promotion and, recently, a clothing line. UpRising creates an arena for youths to come together; be kind to one another; learn new skills; meet mentors and create lifetime memories. So, I would advise any youth out there to be part of it and above all, make the most out of it."