Help us Understand "Green Jobs"

6 March 2024


At UpRising, we have been supporting 18-25 year olds from underrepresented and underserved communities for over 15 years. Over the past few years we have noticed a growing trend of our young people asking about “green jobs”. But even as “green jobs'' becomes an increasingly mainstream term in our vocabulary, it remains a difficult concept to define. Existing definitions vary greatly, as do the barriers and challenges job seekers experience. So, we are excited to be embarking on our next research project, in partnership with the Wildlife Trust, to fill the “green jobs” information gap!


This project aims to foreground the lived experiences of those looking for a job, actively employed, considering a career switch, or enjoying retirement.  We hope to foreground lived experience in our research. We believe the key to developing a clear concept of “green jobs” lies in the invaluable insight from those with firsthand experience in the field, its barriers, its challenges, and what it means on a personal level. Ultimately, this research will enable us to give the young people on our programmes the clear, consistent, and - above all - useful advice they are looking for. 

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