Join Our Insight Project: Empowering Young Change-Makers

5 April 2024


DEADLINE TO APPLY: 10am 15th April (see below)

We're excited to announce two paid opportunities for individuals willing to support our insight project aimed at nurturing young leaders. We have partnered with The Royal Wildlife Trusts - one of the UK’s largest nature charities to explore the views, experiences, and motivations of young people aged 16 - 30 who aren’t currently associated with them. We are particularly interested (though not exclusively) in understanding the experiences of our alumni who have recently started a new stage in life e.g. have just left school/college/university, have just started a family, have just moved away from home.

Opportunities Available:

Focus Group Organisers (£200 short-term contract): Lead a focus group session with your peers. Share your insights and facilitate discussions to shape our project.

  1. Attend a 1hr training session in the second half of April to explain the research and develop your skills conducting focus groups.
  2. Be interviewed yourself for up to 90 minutes - to learn from you, and also to help you practise for when you lead your own group.
  3. Bring together at least another 6 people (and no more than 10) online to lead a 90 minute focus-group session. The people you bring together must be aged 16 - 30, from UpRising’s target demographics, and not be aware of the Wildlife Trusts. It’s fine to draw this group from among your friendship circle or from your wider family.
  4. Prior to each session, ensure that each participant completes an online form providing us with their name, address, and contact details (for the voucher) demographic details (for the report), confirming they have little knowledge of The Wildlife Trusts, and granting us the relevant appropriate permissions (we will use quotations from focus groups anonymously). 
  5. Lead the 90 minute focus group with our support. 
  6. Share a high quality audio recording of the session. 

In exchange, we promise we will:

  1. Give you the support you need to deliver the session effectively, provide you with materials to circulate to your group in advance, and support you with relevant digital tools. 
  2. Pay you £200 as a temporary employee for your time both 1:1 with us, convening and leading the focus group session, and providing us with the recording. 
  3. Send each participant in your focus group a £40 voucher for their contribution.

To participate, we will need you:

  1. To apply by 10am 15th April (see below)
  2. (By the end of April)
    1. To have secured an appropriate date for the session within May. 
    2. To have invited members to attend.
    3. To have completed the training (which we will run twice) 
  3. (By the end of May)
    1. To have ensured each participant has completed the relevant online form
    2. To have run the focus group with a minimum of 5 participants (plus yourself) attending
    3. To have sent the recording of the focus group back to UpRising by 31st May 2024 at the very latest. 

To Apply email Libbi at [email protected] with

  1. a suggested date and time in May for your focus group. 
  2. how many friends you think you will be able to convene 
  3. write 50-100 words telling us:
    1. Why you believe your group will have valuable insights  
    2. What you hope to get out of the experience as an individual.
  4. We will get back to you to let you know if you’ve been selected by 5pm Friday 19th April. 

Participant (will receive a £40 Voucher): Apply to join a general focus group led by one of our organisers. Contribute your thoughts and perspectives to help drive positive change.  To apply, email Libbi at [email protected] by 10am 15th April with

  1. dates and times you can attend focus groups in May. 
  2. 50-100 words telling us why you believe your perspective will be valuable 
  3. We will get back to you to let you know if you’ve been selected by 5pm Friday 19th April.