UpRising Alumni - Changing the Face of Power

14 July 2021

A few weeks ago, our alum Hannah Claus, was invited to speak about her experience as a woman in AI and Robotics at AUK Radio.

Click here for the link to the podcast.

After being the only female student in her Computer Science class for five years, she decided that something had to change. According to Hannah, what we need is more representation of women and people of colour in STEM and support new and different role models that change the face of leaders in technology. And we really need to make knowledge and acquiring skills more accessible. Only then it is possible to achieve equality in all areas. What she learned in the past few years is the fact that you are not born with a particular set of skills. Hence, your gender cannot decide what you can or can’t do in your life.

No one can tell you that you are limited in your knowledge or skills because you are a woman or a girl. Instead, use your passion and strive by learning new things every day. Thus, keep striving, keep working hard, and it will pay off. We can all support each other by sharing our experiences and changing the faces of the future together.

UpRising are so proud to see Hannah representing women and people of colour in STEM. She epitomizes our ethos of 'Changing the Face of Power'!