What to Expect When Applying

Before you apply

Your first step to join Stand Out may well be to register your interest. If you do so, we’ll ask you a few basic questions about who you are, your current employment status, and where you’re based. We’ll use this information in two ways:

  1. If you give us permission, we’ll email you with hints and tips in the run up to the day on which the full application form opens. We’ve designed these tricks and tips to be helpful for you no matter what stage you’re at in applying for a role, and we’ll have shared many of them on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds. However, we’ll also include opportunities – both paid for and to volunteer – in our regular weekly round up. The moment that applications open, we’ll let you know and you’ll have the first chance to snap up one of the spaces on the programme. 
  2. A member of our team will also get in touch with you if you don’t go on to apply. We want to make sure we haven’t put you off! We’re also keen to know if you’ve found a job already, or whether you just need a bit of help with your application. We’re a friendly team, and want to make things as straightforward for you as possible!


Our application form asks for a bit of information that will help us start to tailor and adapt the programme to your individual needs as much as possible – for example your personal statement and career interests. As Stand Out is funded by the Youth Futures Foundation, we’ll also ask you some information which is quite personal. You don’t need to complete this if you don’t want to, although most applicants do. Importantly, the information we collect is only used in connection with your name when you apply. From that point onward, no-one in the team knows anything about you, except what you share with them or in any of our online chat rooms.

We assess every application for Stand Out individually in order to ensure that we’re providing support where it’s most needed, and on previous cohorts we’ve been able to let applicants know whether or not they’ve been successful very soon after they’ve applied – we hope to be able to do the same again with you. 

“Onboarding” or before you start

Stand Out is offered entirely digitally and one of our core aims has been to ensure each participant develops practical abilities in tools being used in the modern workplace. As a result, there are a few things you’ll need to set up before you actually start on Day 1. As a result, from the moment your application is accepted, we will send you a link to a page that contains all the instructions you will need to set yourself up to join the programme on the first morning – Zoom, Slack, Mentimeter, Google Suite and the 1MM mentoring platform, Mural and other such tools. These instructions contain short “how to” videos, links and resources and you can complete the set-up in your own time before the first day of the programme. 

At this point, we’ll also ask you to complete a short survey that asks you some questions about pre-existing knowledge, skills, confidence and networks. This is really important, as it helps us gauge and evaluate how our programme goes. The answers you give are kept anonymously. 


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