Read our interview with this social action campaign group from Bedfordshire.

What is the name and the aim of your social action campaign?

The name our of SAC is 'Ascension'. The aim is to decrease knife crime and gang culture by holding sessions and using various activities such as sports, music and arts and crafts. 

What has been your biggest success so far?

Securing partnership with different organisations, in order to reach a wider audience. An example of organisations which have partnered with us are the Tokko Youth Centre in Luton and Inspire FM. The Tokko Youth Centre are allowing us to use their space for free and Inspire FM are allowing us to be guests on their radio station, in order to reach out to more individuals. We have also been able to gain a bit of funding from other organisations such as the Luton Sport Network, and we will also be working alongside Bedfordshire Police.

What has been your toughest moment?

Definitely adjusting our SAC plans to the government guidelines in regards to COVID-19. This was a bit of a struggle as we didn’t think this would ever happen, therefore we had to move everything online. We are heavily involved with social media and are getting information out there for our followers to view and read. An example of some of the information we put out on social media is how to recognise the signs of someone close to you being in a gang and how individuals groom youngsters to join.

What skills have you gained from working on your social action campaign?

I have gained the confidence to say 'no' to particular organisations when we feel that they don't have our best interest at heart. I have also learnt to adjust and change our plans quickly when there is a hiccup.

Have you enjoyed the experience of working on a social action campaign?

Most definitely. I couldn't have been working with better people. Each member of the team showcases their talent and has a role specifically for them. James is amazing at the creative side of things, therefore he is the ‘creative and content director’. He created the introduction and logo for Ascension. Damini is really good at events management and is the ‘marketing director’, whereas I am good at networking hence why I am the ‘networking and relationships director’.


You can follow Ascension on Twitter at @Ascensi0n_UK