Soft Skills Circle

Read our interview with this social action campaign group from Manchester.

What is the name and the aim of your social action campaign?

We are Soft Skills Circle and we aim to directly work with 16-19 year-old college students. We want to create a space to encourage proactive thinking, to discuss the importance of recognising the value of soft skills development, and to finally broaden career aspirations, thus challenging the status quo.

What has been your biggest success so far?

Our biggest success so far is the design and look of our SAC Instagram page, which has been our main outlet to showcase our work and engage with our target audience. 

What has been your toughest moment?

Adapting to school and college closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak was challenging. We had planned to organise an interactive workshop, which would have allowed us to gauge the interest from students and given them the opportunity to ask us questions as we shared our personal stories of growth and development. We hope to still follow through with this plan, but we have pushed this forward to the next academic term.

What skills have you gained from working on your social action campaign?

I have gained experience in leading my team towards a vision, while using our individual strengths to make our work a collaborative effort. I have challenged my creative thinking, especially when developing our branding designs and adapting to the new ways of working. I appreciate my strengths and weaknesses a lot more now, and it has been a confidence booster because I have not shied away from the challenges that come with being a successful leader. Last, but not the least, I have never felt more comfortable with public speaking and hope to continue developing this skill so I can maximise my future potential.

Have you enjoyed the experience of working on a social action campaign?

I have enjoyed our SAC right from the get-go. I have always wanted to work on this project idea because I have personally felt the benefits of my own soft skills development since I was at college, and I am an advocate of challenging yourself and looking for the next opportunity. It has been a pleasure to learn and work alongside a cohort of like-minded individuals and I hope I can continue working on our SAC and see it grow further.


You can follow Soft Skills Circle on Instagram at @softskillscircle