Commission us

Opportunities to learn with and from

the young people

with whom we work

Our commissioned offerings leverage 15 years of experience in developing youth leadership programmes, engaging thousands of young people and delivering a proven curriculum into 3 defined workstreams: skills development, advice and consultancy, and bespoke programmes.

You can find out more about how we can help and support you on a commissioned basis by taking a look at this short brochure.

For further information please contact:

Marc Whitmore¬†[email protected]
or Rukaiya Jeraj¬†[email protected]

UpRising views our work with clients as a collaborative partnership, working on an outcomes-based approach that furthers our joint mission to reduce barriers for youth. Where at all possible, we centre young people in the delivery of our commissioned work itself, to develop their skills and experience too.

Our Ethos

UpRising’s commissioned offerings arose from client demand for us to package our extensive experience in working with young people from diverse communities, with our subject matter expertise on social mobility and a track record of delivering meaningful change, into a solution they could buy into. 

All proceeds from our commissioned work are used to supplement charitable funding and widen our reach across society. Wherever possible, we look to involve current and former participants in our commissioned work on a paid-for basis at every appropriate opportunity.

Principles for our Commissioned Work

1. Outcomes Based: UpRising will always look to engage with organisations to further the goal of opening up pathways to power and leadership for young people (aged 18-25), whether we are working directly with beneficiaries or with your staff team. This means that all programmes are flexible and can be tailored to respect budgetary requirements and differing stages of an organisation’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) maturity level.

2. Meaningful Change: Our work is designed to leave lasting impressions, with programme participants able to pass lessons learned on to their colleagues and become EDI leaders in their organisations and fields. An investment in UpRising’s work will therefore lead to wider impacts across your organisation and spread beyond the participants in any workstream.

3. Be an example for our youth: A fundamental element of inspiring programme participants to become leaders is displaying what is possible. Uprising will provide a professional service with the highest quality of outputs in order to be an example for participants of what they can achieve.

UpRising’s 3 Pillars of Change

Our success is based on 3 programmes for supporting organisations to nurture and develop leaders of tomorrow.

1. Skills Programme

Typical Clients: Educational institutions, youth work organisations and charities

Offering: A virtual or in-person programme aimed at training young beneficiaries on power, leadership and how they can make an impact through social action and their community.


- Increased knowledge and insight into power and leadership;

- An improvement in skills and confidence leading to sustainable impact; 

- Increased confidence, knowledge & skills; 

- Improved motivation and resilience

2. Advice & Consultancy

Typical Clients: Organisations looking to develop or require support in developing e.g. meaningful youth involvement; increasing programme participant diversity; monitoring and evaluation

Offering: A virtual or in-person programme tailored to identify EDI pain points, champion benefits of an inclusive workplace and support development of an EDI Strategy.


- Awareness of traditional barriers impacting inclusion; 

- Understanding of EDI issues; 

- A strategy for developing a more inclusive atmosphere moving forward; 

- Increased awareness of the benefits of an inclusive environment

3. Bespoke Programmes

Typical Clients: Educational institutions, youth work organisations and charities

Offering: A virtual or in-person programme designed to develop leadership skills with a focus on the needs of youth from underrepresented & under-served communities.


- Increased knowledge and insight into power and leadership; 

- Increased understanding of what it takes to be a leader; 

- Increased network of leaders creating cross-sector collaboration;

- Increased confidence and motivation