Find Your Power

Find Your Power is UpRisingā€™s introductory leadership, advocacy and social action programme for young people aged 16-18 years. It wasĀ designed to enable young people to express themselves in a safe environment, raise their confidence levels and impact their local community. It offeredĀ positive youth activities and a structured programme to start building a path towards a fulfilling adult life.

The young people we worked with often toldĀ us they feel people in charge don't care about what they think, or their problems, or problems faced by their communities aren't spoken about. Find Your Power was created to help young people get the attention of those in charge and tell them the changes they wanted to make. This was done through exploring issues that are important to young people and working with a team of professional film makers to create a digital campaign to share these issues with people in power. All whilst making new friends, learning new skills and boosting confidence.

Over the years, some incredible films have been created about living wage, homelessness, mental health, local green space, education and other topics young people are passionate about. You can take a look at some of the films here!