Future Generations Leadership Academy

23 January 2023

"In order to achieve the aspirations of the Well-being of Future Generations Act, the Commissioner is committed to supporting and inspiring Wales’ future leaders. The Future Generations Leadership Academy supports young people with opportunities to learn and enhance their leadership skills in Wales today and in the future."



To support the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales to develop and deliver a high-level leadership development programme for young people across Wales, to influence future leadership and organisational development across Wales’ public, private and third sectors. 



  • 32 participants taking part in 17 sessions - approx 2 per month
  • 70 hours total delivery time 



  1. Over half of Reverse Mentees (senior leaders in Wales) reported that taking part in Reverse Mentoring with the Academy had improved that senior leader’s own leadership;
  2. 4 out of 5 line managers of participants taking part in the Academy stated that taking part in the Academy had improved their direct team’s understanding and/or application of the Well-being of Future Generations Act, with some going on to share that this improvement was already being seen at wider organisational level too;
  3. 96% are leaving the programme feeling they confident in their ability explain the purpose and workings of the WFGA to colleagues and their community, with 76% having experienced an improvement in their ability to do this
  4. 96% of the cohort are leaving the programme reporting they are good at starting conversations with others from different backgrounds, with 72% of the cohort experiencing an improvement in their ability to practise Equity Approach in their work and 96% feeling that they understand their own privilege