Social Action Campaigns


Every year, as part of our Environmental Leadership Programme and Leadership Programme, UpRisers develop and run their own social action campaigns.

Social action campaigns go beyond volunteering and service learning, where people help others in need. Creating a campaign is a multi-step process in which UpRisers identify an issue they care about, learn about the issue and explore potential solutions to solve it. With a small group, they then take action to create positive change on this issue. 

What does a social action campaign mean to our UpRisers?

Many of us would like to create a change in the world and may even have an idea of how to do so - a social action campaign is about anchoring those clouds to the ground. A social action campaign looks different for everyone, but the commonality is the desire for change and doing something about it

Kajol, Leadership Programme, 2019/20

A social action campaign is a project that gives you the opportunity to implement the positive change you want to see in the world - it can take many different forms and asks someone to think about, or even alter, their current habits and practices

Holly, Environmental Leadership Programme, 2019/2020

Social Action Campaigns in action...

The following videos are all examples of social action campaigns from the 2019/2020 Environmental Leadership Programme and Leadership Programme.

You can find out more about social action campaigns by reading our interviews with different campaigns or by visiting our dedicated social action site.

Inspired to take on your own social action campaign? Head to our 'How to apply' page.